Siempre en movimiento

Es imprescindible el cuidado del motor principal del barco para garantizar una navegación sin problemas que puedan causar estragos en medio del mar. Por ello, es vital estar atentos al funcionamiento de todas las piezas que hacen posible el funcionamiento de los motores.

Cabe destacar, la refrigeración debe estar en óptimas condiciones con un conducto para el paso del agua que mantenga su limpieza, los rodetes y demás elementos que permitan perdurar la vida del motor.

Es preciso agregar, deben contarse con cables para la reparación de las direcciones náuticas de cable. Por otro lado, pensando en su comodidad y confort le ofrece un conjunto de elementos que harán que su motor no produzca ningún ruido.

Maneja el barco con cabeza

Hay ruedas de timón para escoger entre las diferentes opciones: clásicos, tradicionales y deportivos para su comodidad y disfrute que se adapta a sus necesidades y gustos.

En este sentido, cuidando la estética de su barco le brinda una rueda de timón que se adapta perfectamente al velero o volantes para el yate. Entre la gama disponible está la rueda de timón Mahogany, rueda de timón tradicional, rueda de timón teka con estructura inoxidable, rueda de timón blanca o la gris.

También hay variedad de volantes como el náutico inox cubierta de teka, volante náutico Ultraflex V33; para los yates deportivos está el volante náutico UltraflexCorsica, volante Ultraflex V45, entre otros.

Un barco de cuidado

Es necesario mantener protegido de la corrosión y el óxido del arco. Con ayuda de una pintura anticorrosiva que mantenga protegida la superficie ante los efectos del salitre. Además, mantiene el motor fueraborda o la cola del motor intraborda libre de agentes dañinos para su buen funcionamiento.

Cabe destacar, la superficie del barco deberá estar previamente limpia y libre de óxido para aplicar la pintura de manera correcta y que cumpla su función de proteger y que le deje un aspecto reluciente al barco.

Ahora bien, para patentar el motor es preciso el antifouling transparente o de color y la base Veneziani imprimación en spray para hélices también es efectiva. Para las otras partes es muy recomendable la pintura en spray para motores Vetus, Yamaha, Mariner, Selva, Suzuki, entre otros; en variedad de colores para elegir.

Es preciso agregar en, que la calidad es lo principal en cada uno de sus productos y cuenta con una variedad de más de 12.000 productos a su disposición. Además, el envío le costará 4 euros y si es parte de la Newsletter de la página, puede obtener gratis el primer envío.

Rent a boat for pleasure

Now that the year is over I review what has been important for me these months and the first thing that comes to mind as a memory is the week we spent in Ibiza on the boat that we rented to go from cala to cala.

An experience of those that I think marks you is an unforgettable memory for a lifetime, it is a different experience that I have not stopped recommending to everyone since I returned.

Being in the sea you perceive the force of nature in all its splendor.

An adventure on a boat is not only partying and sun, it has hard moments in which you have to give your best to get out of a complicated situation. Sailing on a boat is not only postureo … hey there is … we’re not going to be fooled into port on a tremendous ship and that all heads are turned to see you … you have your thing; But it’s not the most important.

For me the most important thing I discovered out there, on the high seas; when there were no heads turning to look at you, when you were your friends and family the sea raging and having to handle that situation with temperance, transmitting tranquility to yours.

I think that in those moments I really became a man, when appearances did not only matter the courage, temperance and having handled a difficult situation. The admiration of my children when everything calmed down, the fraternal support of the friends, the jokes and the memory of that difficult situation has been unforgettable.

It has already become a classic in friends’ meetings and I think it will stay in our hearts forever.

I do not know if we can repeat this year, but if it is not this will be the next or the other; What I am going to tell you is with Barracuda Ibiza for the boat rental, they behaved with us wonderfully, they were watching us at all times, I felt very safe knowing that they were behind and they could take us out of any situation.


Rent a sailboat in Croatia

Croatia is known for its beaches, but I always wanted to go further. My aunt visited this country at a young age and made me dream visit from five years and recently was able to fulfill this dream.

There are many reasons to visit Croatia; as I said, its famous beaches and islands, warm climate twenty four hours a day, that is a country of manageable size you can kick him in a few days …

To travel to Croatia, now belonging to the European Union, taking Spanish citizenship, it is only necessary ID. But watch out: if you are traveling from Split to Dubrovnik (and vice versa) have to go through a stretch belonging to Bosnian territory, therefore it should also take up the passport.

In Croatia you have multiple means of transport.

The connection between the cities is good by bus, although compared with Spain, for example, you can not purchase tickets online, you must go directly to the station.

The railway is slow and rather small, as was damaged after the war.

I personally recommend shipping to visit Croatia. It is perfect for visiting the islands of the country. It is very comfortable to move from island to island and even transported from the main cities of Croatia to its wonderful islands.

There is the possibility of a ferry, I was traveling with my family, and together we decided that what more he wanted to devote the time was to the islands, so we rented a boat to visit this magical part of Croatia and we chose islands over us They drew attention to visit them.

Rent a sailboat in Croatia allows you freedom, not to depend on schedules, visit twice an island if what you want, stop to swim in the crystal clear waters, take your time to observe the beauty of Brac, Korcula, Hvar, Cres, Rab … (in my opinion the five most beautiful islands of Croatia)

The friendliness of the people is surprising and refreshing.

Throughout Croatia Croatian spoken, of Slavic origin; but the country has been the batteries with English because of the large number of tourists it receives each year.

Workers in the tourism sector know English perfectly and young people in the streets have some level; The problem comes when communicating with adults. Not all, but the vast majority of people older than thirty, not fluent in English.

In short, visiting Croatia is a truly unique experience.

It is a place that has the perfect conditions to spend the holiday desired; stone beaches and crystal clear water, sun assured, charming cities like Dubrovnik and even world heritage of UNESCO.

It is a perfect place as much as to enjoy a honeymoon, even a family trip, passing a solo getaway eager to explore a place with magic and history, what many call paradise.