Rent a boat for pleasure

Now that the year is over I review what has been important for me these months and the first thing that comes to mind as a memory is the week we spent in Ibiza on the boat that we rented to go from cala to cala.

An experience of those that I think marks you is an unforgettable memory for a lifetime, it is a different experience that I have not stopped recommending to everyone since I returned.

Being in the sea you perceive the force of nature in all its splendor.

An adventure on a boat is not only partying and sun, it has hard moments in which you have to give your best to get out of a complicated situation. Sailing on a boat is not only postureo … hey there is … we’re not going to be fooled into port on a tremendous ship and that all heads are turned to see you … you have your thing; But it’s not the most important.

For me the most important thing I discovered out there, on the high seas; when there were no heads turning to look at you, when you were your friends and family the sea raging and having to handle that situation with temperance, transmitting tranquility to yours.

I think that in those moments I really became a man, when appearances did not only matter the courage, temperance and having handled a difficult situation. The admiration of my children when everything calmed down, the fraternal support of the friends, the jokes and the memory of that difficult situation has been unforgettable.

It has already become a classic in friends’ meetings and I think it will stay in our hearts forever.

I do not know if we can repeat this year, but if it is not this will be the next or the other; What I am going to tell you is with Barracuda Ibiza for the boat rental, they behaved with us wonderfully, they were watching us at all times, I felt very safe knowing that they were behind and they could take us out of any situation.